Hot Tub Delivery, Moves & Installation

HotSpring customers

Congratulations if you’ve recently purchased a HotSpring spa. It’s a purchase that you won’t regret, and our installation team look forward to meeting you soon.

The retailer will supply us with your order details, and once we’ve received them, we’ll contact you to prepare for your hot tub’s delivery and installation. (see below)

All you need to do is relax and let the excitement build.

Are you moving to a new home?

We’re not surprised if you can’t be separated from your spa, and we also know that we’re the company with the expertise to pack your hot tub and transit it securely.

To provide a quote for you, you’ll need to contact our delivery team so that we can accurately price the costs of pickup, transit and installation at your new home.

We wish you all the best for your house move.

How do you plan my hot tub's delivery?

  • Request for delivery

    Your HotSpring showroom will process your order and send us a ‘request for delivery’, and we’ll contact you as soon as it’s been received and start planning the delivery.

    If you’re moving to a new home, then you’ll need to contact us to request a quotation.

  • Delivery date reserved

    We’ll discuss access to your property and then reserve the appropriate vehicle from our fleet of Hiab and flatbed trucks.

    Our installers will have the date added to their diaries, and you’ll receive a confirmation letter via email.

  • Plan of access

    We’ve learned to prepare for everything, so you’ll be asked to complete a ‘plan of access’ so that we know the route we’ll be taking from kerbside to the hot tub’s base.

    We’ll also ask for photographs or a video of the route. Our installers have a keen eye for the smallest of items that might present a potential obstacle or hazard on the day.

What to expect on the day of delivery

Our team will call you when they’re on the way with an estimated time of arrival. Once there, they’ll walk the route to confirm the ‘plan of access’ and start filling a holding pool from your water supply.

If this is the first spa you’ve owned, we’re sure the excitement will have been building. Possibly nerves too as you’re about to watch tradespeople lift your valuable purchase over a gate or fence.

You're in the hands of experts and our installers will help both you and any inquisitive neighbours relax.

Our engineers take the risks of electricity seriously, and your hot tub’s electrics will be tested thoroughly to ensure your safety.

Your custom configuration will also be installed, which may include Everwood™ steps, wireless audio system, HD TV monitor or a Lift N’ Glide™ cover lifter.

The holding pool should now be full, and we’ll use a submersible pump to fill your spa from the pool.

Regardless of how much experience our installers have, the moment their finger hovers to power-up is always a tense one (though some will only admit it at the Christmas party).

We’ll test all your equipment to ensure it’s functioning correctly, and then guide you around the spa to demonstrate how everything works. We’ll also give you instructions and tips for maintaining your water chemistry.

With your spa installed, manuals and chemicals in hand and music possibly playing on the stereo, we’ll ask you to sign the paperwork and take you through the chemical quick reference guide.

As we clear up ready to leave, you’ll almost be ready to start enjoying your new spa.

Within 24 hours the hot tub will have heated to the right temperature. You can then dip a test strip to check the chlorine, PH and total alkalinity.

Adjust as necessary, and then you can say, shout or scream:

"They were very professional and totally committed to ensuring the tub was delivered to my complete satisfaction.

Regarding the ramp that was manufactured on site, I think Evil Keneval would be proud of it!"

Mr Steve Davies, Oxted

Spa Servicing

During weekends, you might be meeting friends or occasionally working. You might not have the several hours needed to drain, scrub and refill your spa.

Our service plans do more than just clean. They identify wearing components before they fail and contribute to other faults.

Testing a spa's components requires expertise.

Spa Extended Warranty

Subtle leaks and intermittent electrical faults have been known to result in several visits to find and resolve.

After your manufacturer’s warranty has expired, you can protect yourself against the cost of multiple call-outs with our Spa Shield extended warranty.

Spa Shield helps protect precious downtime.

Chemicals, Parts & Accessories