Spa Shield – Hot Tub Parts & Labour Protection

Why should I have Spa Shield protection?

Component Failure

We know that many of our customers find mastering water chemistry a challenge.

A regular service does reduce the risk of critical part failure, but it can still happen.

Financial Protection

A subtle leak could involve dismantling your hot tub to find the source.

This type of repair can result in several hours of labour, and possibly multiple visits, to repair it.

Spa Shield Protection

We work with HotSpring® products every day, and we know the high standard of their manufacturing process.

However, every owner’s lifestyle and available spare time to maintain their water is different. Combine that with the unpredictable nature of chemicals and water, and expensive faults can happen.

You’ve purchased your spa as part of your lifestyle.

Spa Shield can help protect that lifestyle.

Spa Shield cover

Spa Shield *

£45 or £55 per month

  • Unlimited call-outs

  • All Labour and mileage charges

  • Replacement of components or internal plumbing due to defect

up to 22% off

Aftercare Plan with Spa Shield

Using our Aftercare plan builder you can configure an annual service plan that's tailored to your specific servicing needs.

  • Receive a generous discount on servicing

  • Spa Shield extended warranty

  • Choose from 1 to 12 services a year

  • Spread the cost over 12 equal payments

  • The more we visit, the more you save

Spa Shield Conditions

  • A mandatory spa inspection (reduced price of £96) is required before approval onto the scheme, and cover must start within 28 days of the spa inspection being conducted.

  • All contracts are for an initial period of 12 months.

Register a Claim

We don't like it when our hot tubs aren't working properly either.

Please contact our service department to register a claim against your Spa Shield warranty.

Spa Servicing

During weekends, you might be meeting friends or occasionally working. You might not have the several hours needed to drain, scrub and refill your spa.

Our service plans do more than just clean. They identify wearing components before they fail and contribute to other faults.

Testing a spa's components requires expertise.

Chemicals, Parts & Accessories