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Why should I regularly service my spa?

Spa Revive from £329

  • Protecting components

    Poor water chemistry is a major contributor towards component failure. A regular service, by trained technicians, will reduce this risk and save you precious time.

  • Helps prevent expensive repairs

    Any signs of wear or defect in components are often hidden. Our engineers can identify them so that you can purchase replacements before they’ve contributed to an expensive repair.

  • Maximise the health benefits

    To protect bathers against bacteria, optimal chlorine efficiency is essential. This requires a regular flush, drain and deep clean.

Regular servicing prolongs a showroom look

Exercise Pool Servicing

If you need your exercise pool serviced, please contact us for more details.

Spa Servicing Options

Spa Revive

From £329

Revive your spa with a deep clean service on its shell, internal pipework and filters.

Spa Refresh

From £259

Refresh your spa and bathing experience with a complete drain and refill.

Spa Review

From £129

Review your spa with an audit that ensures components are performing optimally.

up to 22% off

Aftercare Plan

Using our Aftercare plan builder you can configure an annual service plan that's tailored to your specific servicing needs.

  • Receive a generous discount

  • Choose from 2 to 12 services a year

  • Any combination of Review, Refresh or Revive

  • Spread the cost over 12 equal payments

  • The more we visit, the more you save

Review, Refresh, Revive

Spa Revive

from £329*

  • Spa Review (see below)

  • Cleansing system flush

    • Helps break down biofilms that form on the spa’s internal pipework and provide bacteria with chlorine resistance

  • Vacuum/clean service compartment

    • prevents technical checks from being hindered

  • Re-grease gaskets/O-rings

    • silicone grease protects gaskets and O-rings (behind jets and diverters) against deterioration and failure

  • Clean shell, filters and lid

    • Spa’s shell is jet washed, scrubbed, rinsed and dried

    • Filters are de-greased with a chemical and jet washed

    • a water repellent and UV resistant polish will protect your lid from the elements

On applicable models

  • Descale/clean circulation pump

    • scale can affect a pump’s flow rate and potentially cause a pump to seize

  • Descale/clean Ozone injector

    • a blockage on the ozone injector reduces efficient removal of bacteria, and ozone retention by the injector can cause corrosion

On the right, a deteriorating jet pump seal.

Spa Refresh

from £259*

  • Full Spa Review (see below)

  • Drain & refill

    • Refresh the water with a drain and refill

A customer's spa after a Revive service

Spa Review

from £129*

  • Test electrical components

    • Ensures that all parts are performing optimally and any signs of defect or wear are identified early

  • Test water & treat as required

    • Chlorine and Scale Away is added; alkalinity/Ph levels are adjusted as necessary

Servicing Terms & Conditions

  • Labour charges

    • Spa Revive includes up to 4 hours of labour

    • Spa Refresh includes up to 2 hours of labour

    • Spa Review includes up to 45 minutes of labour

    • A £30 surcharge applies to Refresh and Revive services on certain models due to increased complexity when performing the service. As a guide, those models will generally have 2 or 3 jet pumps. Our service team will confirm if this surcharge applies to your hot tub.

    • £33 surcharge applies to all services within London's Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ)

    • £60 surcharge applies to all services within London's Congestion Charge zone.

    • Customers will be liable for any other surcharges e.g. parking

    • Any additional labour required on the day of the service will be charged at £24 per 15 minutes

  • Should component testing/inspection reveal that any parts require replacing or repair, our technician will explain what’s required and provide a quote, which will be subject to our usual parts and ongoing labour rates

  • If your spa's fault is covererd by manufacturer’s warranty or HTA’s Spa Shield protection, there will be no charge for any repair costs.

  • Due to a variety of possible conditions and factors, we are unable to guarantee that we will be able to complete any additional repair work on the day of the service. Subsequent visits will be subject our usual call-out charges (unless condition 3. above applies).

"Another perfect hot tub service, everything checked and all repairs and replacements completed in one visit."

Richard, Norwich

We'll check and treat your spa's water chemistry

Spa Extended Warranty

Subtle leaks and intermittent electrical faults have been known to result in several visits to find and resolve.

After your manufacturer’s warranty has expired, you can protect yourself against the cost of multiple call-outs with our Spa Shield extended warranty.

Spa Shield helps protect precious downtime.

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